Friend Performs Ceremony

Having a family member or close friend perform your wedding ceremony is becoming more and more popular, after all, who has known you longer, better, and watched your relationship grow than those who are closest to you. Maybe one of them was the reason you two met in the first place.

I can help you set your ceremony in several ways. We can do a paperwork only or elopement service a day or two before your actual ceremony, where I perform the legal aspects, sign and register your paperwork, allowing your friend to create and perform your ceremony on your wedding day.

I am also able to work with your friend, providing the necessary legal requirements and signatures during your ceremony while they create and perform your custom aspects.

​Either way, I ensure your paperwork is completed, backed up both digitally and physically, and submitted by me, so you can order your legal wedding certificate online several weeks later, once it has been processed by the province.

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